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Superior Oil Services

Jay's Auto Services provides you with a wide range of options for oil services. After 4 oil changes, you get the 5th oil change FREE. It is a part of our reward program incentive. We complete most of our oil change services in less than 30 minutes. Forgot your vehicle’s oil change service? Don’t worry! We will remind you about the service.

We will notify our customers about the oil change via text message or through e-mail, based on their last visit. Get a 2-year warranty or 24,000-mile warranty on all parts and labor. Give us a call to ask about our BG oil change services. You will get quick services, usually within an hour; however, it depends on the job. We can provide you FREE estimates in 5 to 15 minutes.

We provide multipoint inspection on vehicles, and we e-mail or text our customers about the failed parts of vehicles when we do the test. We use a tablet-based system to track jobs done by our technicians on a work order basis.

A Wide Range of Oil Change Services That We Provide

  • Jay's basic oil maintenance services: Includes 5 quarts of conventional engine oil, new oil filter, and a digital comprehensive check to make sure all the systems in the vehicle are in working condition. We top off all vehicle fluids, check and add tire pressure - 3,000 miles
  • Jay's better oil maintenance services: Includes 5 quarts of synthetic blend engine oil, new oil filter, and a digital complete check - 5,000 miles 
  • Jay's best oil maintenance services: Includes 5 quarts of full synthetic engine oil, new oil filter, and a digital thorough check - 7,500 miles
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"It is rare to find a mechanic who is truly honest, even to his own detriment. I come here often to get my Ford Taurus serviced by them. It was given to me by a friend, so I'm just running it until it falls apart. They understand what I'm doing, and so they only recommend repairs that it really needs. 

But one day I was sitting in their office and watched another customer come in for an inspection on a Cadillac. Once they finished the inspection, the owner came out, handed the customer his keys and said, 'A little advice, don't sink money into this car.' He could have told him to fix all kinds of things on it, but he didn't. I appreciate that. I'd trust them in everything."

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