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State Inspections

The state of Maryland requires a vehicle’s inspection prior to selling or transferring the vehicle’s title. 

Jay's Auto Services is your one-stop shop to get a state inspection for your vehicle in Catonsville, MD. We typically operate on an appointment only basis. Inspection process typically takes no more than 2 hours. If your vehicle passes inspection, a certificate will be issued same day for your vehicle. in the even that the car fails MD Inspection, An inspector will thoroughly go over the necessary repairs that would allow vehicle to pass inspection, If interested an estimate for repairs will also be provided to you at the same time. State law requires you to have necessary repairs performed and vehicle reinspected within 30 days or 1000 miles of initial inspection date.

For more information please visit: mva's website

Inspection Fee $125

re-inspection fee(30 days,1000 miles) $29.99

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