State Inspections

The state of Maryland requires a vehicle’s inspection prior to selling or transferring the vehicle’s title. If your vehicle does not pass the inspection, it can cause bumps down the road when attempting to get that vehicle off your hands. It can also result in more fees for reinspections and other miscellaneous charges. 

Jay's Auto Services is your one-stop shop to get a state inspection for your vehicle in Catonsville, MD. Our team of expert technicians will make sure every point in the state-required inspection is up to the standard and your vehicle is ready to be transferred or sold without becoming a problem down the road.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, the professionals at Jay's Auto Services will be happy to take care of everything. Your vehicle's make, model, or year of the vehicle doesn't matter. We can take care of everything at our full-service auto shop.

This inspection does not only include the internal workings of your vehicle, but external factors as well. This inspection is all about safety and that every point of operation in your vehicle is working to a high standard that keeps all drivers and passengers on the road safe.

Get Complete Vehicle Inspection Services

The state inspection in Catonsville, MD is immensely extensive. It approves the operations of a variety of systems, including: 

  • Breaks

  • Fuel

  • Exhaust

  • Electrical Parts

  • Wheels

  • Lights and More

At Jay's Auto Services, we won’t stop at just making sure your vehicle meets the requirements of the state inspection in Catonsville, MD. We'll even inspect parts of your vehicle that most auto shops would overlook, such as fenders, bumpers, mirrors, wipers, floors / trunk pans, door handles / latches, window glazing, and more.

We'll also check your emissions equipment, take care of your seats, belts, and make sure your gear shift indicators, speedometers, and odometers are all functioning correctly.

The state inspection in Catonsville, MD does not get any more detailed than it does at Jay's Auto Services. We'll make sure that title transfer or sale is simple and seamless. Don't let it become a problem down the road. Give us a call today and let us make sure your vehicle passes the Maryland State Inspection. You can't go wrong when you choose us.